Let’s talk about benefits for second, from a technical perspective.

ZCD has 2 fundamental systems, with products supporting the application and protection of those systems.

Z-FP is the Zerosion Flange Protection system and is designed to protect flanges, valve assemblies and any complex structure with bolted joints. It is elastomeric in composition and is designed to flex with the substrate.

Z-FP is a single pot, cold and clean applied system designed to be removeable, simply by peeling it from the substrate. The system is applied by hand and does not require abrasive blasting and can be applied by any trained technician.

Z-FP works by complete encapsulation of the substrate, when applied, as it cures, it will shrink around the structure, leaving a completely inert, safe membrane around the substrate that prevents electrolytic ingress and removes concerns of galvanic corrosion. 

To support the application life extension of assets, we have created our Z-VP system; Z-VP protects the flange void and crevices that cleaning might not get to. Z-VP is the Zerosion Void Protection system and is a simple mineral spray solution that provides passive care to the flange void, without harming any gaskets or seals.

The other primary system is Z-SP, Z-SP is Zerosion Surface Protection and is designed to be applied to larger areas, like pipelines, tanks, vessels, and roofing structures.

Z-SP is also cold applied and is applied via a roller and pole. The system can be applied as a removable system, but is primarily designed to be a permanent fix for roofing, bunds and anywhere.

The Z-SP system is similar in performance as GRP, but is a fraction on the cost, comes in any colour and is easy to apply.


Both Z-FP and Z-SP contain out own Active Corrosion Inhibitor system that neutralises surface corrosion on application, thus the ZCD system REMOVES the requirement for abrasive blasting.

Let’s talk about how it protects and how the system works...

The ZCD suite removes and protects against future corrosion, on two fronts:

Firstly, the inbuilt PCI active ingredient in Z-FP & Z-SP neutralised the oxidation process and arrests the entropy progression of galvanic corrosion, thus creating a stable substrate of your assets. The PCI is a weak acidic compound that will not damage the substrate, gaskets or seals.

If you look at the coated part of this spool piece, you can see the inpurities under the coating have turned blue-is-black, that is where the  PCI reacted with surface corrosion.

Secondly, the elastomeric compound of Z-FP / Z-SP then shrinks around the complex shapes of the flange, providing an unyielding barrier to elemental attack, actively removing the electrolytic pathway that completes the corrosion circuit. As the coating shrinks, it tacks onto the substrate, with a firm adhesion, that means the coating need to be pulled off, rather than it falling off.

The whole principle behind the Z-FP coating system is that it removable so, when access is required, you simply cut it and pull it off.

... and how we use it


ZCD is designed to be applied in dangerous areas and on complex shapes. Preparation for applicati is hand prep, meaning wire brush and scraper.

ZCD does not require an ISO prepared surface to work.

ZCD does not require an abrasively blasted surface to protect.


The ZCD systems are designed to be hand applied or spray applied, using a roller or a brush, and is designed simply for ease of use.

All you need is material, a wire brush, a roller / paint brush, and a little know-how.


Z-FP is designed to be removable; it is designed to be pulled off when access is needed.

Z-FP will protect for 10 years, then when the day comes that you need to separate a joint, simply score it, rip it off, conduct your maintenance, then recoat and protect for another 10+ years.


Z-FP and Z-SP are designed to protect, full stop.

We have put the systems through rigorous testing to ensure that the system is suitable for the task.

The system meets the majority of industry standards, to afford long term protection to you assets, to the environment and to your bank account.

The system works and the system carries a warranty


ZCD is designed to be applied by anyone, there are obviously quirks with the system, but as easy to follow application training package is available upon request.

We can supply a training video and literature to suit your requirements.