The concept behind ZCD started 15 years ago with exposure to the offshore oil and gas industry and the corrosion effects of a saline rich and H2S environments, and, the dangers of abrasive blasting and needle blasting within an ATEX environment. It was at this point where we started investigating chemically activated surface preparation, to explore the market and understand the dangers and issues relating to “rust converters” within any environment.

This development became more apparent in early 2014 with exposure to the power industry, CHP sites and in particular with GIS lines and SPL type circuit breakers. On these sites, environmental breakdown of gaskets continually causes SF6 carrying pipelines and leak, which is an ever increasing problem. this helped guide our focus on both chemically induced iron oxide neutralisation, that does not damage the integrity of seals or gaskets, and the necessity to develop a protective barrier that prevent electrolytes and environmental breakdown of the rubber gaskets and metal components.

In 2015 the first evolution of our Passive Corrosion Inhibitor was developed and provided welcome relief to a host of offshore and onshore industrial sites, from oil rigs, to water treatment sites, to DNO sites to chemical manufactures and the growth started.

Since the initial concept, we have continued to develop and have had the pleasure of working with various suppliers to create the perfect “all-rounder”, we tripped, we have fallen, we succeeded and we have flown, we JV’d and we contracted, we now work alone, working with some amazing clients all of over the globe, with customers in the UK, in the Middle East, in the United States and in ASIA-PAC. What we won't do is settle.

To where we are now

COVID hit us hard, we have refocussed operations from the UK and into the US as our prime area of operations and rebranded from Zerosion Corrosion Defense to to ZCD, simply to get over language barriers with operating across the world. We have expanded into the Philippines and ZA with dedicated onsite technical experts and sales staff. We took the time during COVID to develop and expand the suite of service, expanding from a flange protection system, into an absolute approach to the life extension of your bolted and metallic assets, with the emphasis of the treatment of oxidation given as much importance as the prevention of corrosion reoccurrence.

We have positioned ourselves in Greater Houston, in the United States, where we are able to service domestic and international clients from DNO (Power distribution) Oil and Gas, wind and solar and Chemical works.


We have secured our own manufacturing site within the US, where we will manufacture, and take advantage of the US international trade agreements and ship around the globe.


 Our Philippines team (operating to serve the greater ASIA-PAC region) is operated by ourselves. We are looking to manoeuvre into Australia within the next 12 months with European operations changing to a dedicated team in Aberdeen.

And from here, we plan to expand further and we are always open to discuss potential distribution agreements and in all corners of the world, so feel free to get in touch.

Clear Z-SP coated

NOT Z-SP coated

We are not going to argue that paint is the traditional coating for pipelines, for good reasons, it works, it’s cheap and, it’s used throughout the world to protect metallic assets from corrosion.

So why create something to go up against paint systems? what happens when you need to loosen a nut, change a valve, carry out maintenance, repairs or torque tighten nuts and bolts on systems with “traditional coatings”? You HAVE TO crack the paint / corrosion protection, you have no option, and unfortunately, this “cracking” immediately renders your supplied corrosion protection useless. 

And we all know what happens when paint chips, delaminates, or becomes damaged, AND, we all know what a headache it is to repair the damaged paint / traditional coating: Damaged paint / paintwork needs to be removed before a new system is applied, by blasting and preparing the surface to an ISO standard (which comes with its own headache), then, a standard three coat system is applied, and, when access is required at a later point, you start the entire, costly cycle all over again…

This, is where the Zerosion Corrosion Defence system fits in, the complete ZCD system designed to be applied to those assets with “cracked” or damaged paintwork, to remove and arrest corrosion and to protect the substrate for the future, in its current state and with NO BLASTING, without the headache of costly prep. Moreover, when access or action is required in the future, the system can be cut and peeled away, revealing the assets in the exact same condition is was when it was coated, ready for hassle free maintenance.

This is why we are firm that ZCD isn't a paint system, it does not possess the properties of a paint system, Z-FP / Z-SP are removable coating systems. ZCD is a complete system, it’s designed to not only protect against corrosion, by cutting corrosion off it at the source, but by eliminating iron oxide, removing the oxidation circuit, and protect your assets for the future.

Quality Assurance, Who are we?

We are a team of engineers, corrosion engineers, coating specialists and chemists. We created ZCD from in-field experience, from years of learning, of ICORR membership and of hard work, to solve a problem.

We are experts in our field, we designed the recipe through toil and hard work. We wanted to solve a problem cost effectively, safely and properly. We work will specially selected and vetted industry experts from around the world to provide and deliver a genuine and absolute service.


Let’s also talk about who we aren’t; we are not a reseller, we are not painters masquerading as corrosion engineers.

If you would like to know our credentials, ask us, ask us about ingredients, operation, SOP's ask us about the advertising media, photos, project documentation. Ask us what makes it special and what makes ZCD work