Case studies

Over the past few years there have been a few HSE releases regarding chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking on Lokring pipe connectors.

On the back of this, we were contracted by an offshore O&G company to provide a suitable protection system for the connectors, to provide long term protection against stress corrosion.

In early 2022 we wanted to try something different, so offered the ZCD coating system to a wind farm maintenance company, to prove the system on bolted to ground systems that are exposed to sea water on a daily basis, and, that require continual maintenance /upkeep, in this instance, 6 monthly torque testing of the crane mounting. 

In late 2021 we managed to get back to our bread and butter and were contracted to protect Gas Insulated Switchgear lines in the North East of England. The Z-FP coating was used to protect the gaskets in the joints in the lines from cracking and leaking SF6 gas to atmosphere.

In 2018 we were requested to undertake a small, but vital project of protecting a nitrogen expansion vessel, that was starting to show severe signs of decay.

We were tasked to provide pipeline protection to around 600 meters of live 12” compressed air line. The airline, situated 5m from trestles, showed clear signs of corrosion and scarring from environmental decay and consisted of straight runs, moisture traps, diameter changes, flanges, valves and suspension brackets, the line was mainly situated on uneven ground, causing access issues and also traversed road and rail line..

In November 2020, Zerosion Corrosion Defence were contracted to provide dedicated care 10 x live gas feed lines. The lines had been neglected for several years and corrosion and oxidation had caught hold on the lines. Zerosion were called in to provide asset life extension to the lines and to arrest instigated corrosion and protect them for the future.

Zerosion Corrosion Defence were contacted by a well-known oil and gas company to help them protect 18 valve assemblies in 5 sump pits, in the south of England. The valve assemblies were situated in overflow pits from crude tanks, so were constantly filled with wastewater and oil. The substrates required full body coating of 9 x 1.8m high valve assemblies, with 36” mating flange, and 9 x 80cm valves. Each valve was fitted to pipe protruding from the pit wall, with less than 10cm behind each body, some with less than 5 cm between side wall and valve body.

We are lucky enough to work with some fantastically forward-thinking companies, who are strong believers in preventative maintenance and catching and arresting issues, before they become problems. In 2020 we were asked to carry out quick response works on a boiler feed live gas transfer line, for a utilities company on a power station in Oldham. 

In 2021 we were requested to start offshore working. The initial phase consisted off several valve assemblies and pipe joints. This was completed in late summer, so weather was perfect.

These are only a small variety of case studies, we have lots and lots more, please feel free to ask and we will happily send you case stidues from specific industries. 

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