The ZCD Suite is designed to facilitate asset protection in various industries and our team have years of experience in different backgrounds.

Oil and Gas: This is our bread and butter. Z-FP has been used to protect flanges and valve assemblies, Lokring connectors and pipelines. Z-SP has been used to protect roofing and structural beam protection. And due to the simplicity of application, your own FM team can apply and insect the coating system, driving cost down.

DNO and Power distribution: predominantly concentrating on GIS switchgear lines, to prevent leaks from SF6 gaskets/seals. We have had the pleasure of providing service to some privately owned DNO operators in England and Scotland. Combine the application of S-FP to SPL type circuit breakers, with the ease of the PRK system, and we can reduce SF6 losses to zero (which has to look very attractive).

Gas transfer: Albeit a hard industry to break into, we have started making headway with some gas transfer/utilities companies in the UK, to protect assets in gas sub-stations and emergency reserve sites. The lack of abrasive prep-work for long term protection on charged lines is demonstrating the advantages of Z-FP. And the fact that primary contractors can undertake coating makes the whole prosect exciting and reduces protection costs by up to 90%

Water Industry: Z-FP has been used in Ferric areas, to protect against FeCl3, FeSo4 and NaOH and on a variety of pipelines and reservoirs all around the UK. And due to the complete resilience to H2S breakdown, Z-FP & Z-SP are increasingly used within sewage and water treatment sites. We are WRAS approved, so are able to be used on treated water transfer lines.

Chemical: We have had the pleasure of working with several Chemical production companies in Yorkshire, Middlesborough/Teesside and in the south of England. Coating all manner of storage vessels, pipelines, trestles, pipe shoes and hundreds of flanges. Due to the lack of abrasive prep and UT testing ability, Z-SP is quickly becoming the go-to coating system for charged vessels and tank lining.

Tanks / Gas Bottles / Cylinders: currently at trials phase, we have coated 16 standard cylinders in Aberdeen, we see this as massive potential in the air products world, and the answer to a lot of problems, as the coating can be removed for inspection and UT tested through, your cylinders can always look fresh and new, and professional.

Roofing (metal and concrete): quickly becoming a staple within ZCD, Z-SP is becoming recognised as more cost effective alternative to GRP systems, due to the versatility of the coating, cracks in concrete can easily be filled and protected for the long term (10 years) with a simple Z-SP coating system.

Wind farm / wind turbine protection: We see this as a fundamental protection system for foundation bolting, core and monopile bolting systems, simply because most bolting systems are torque tested every 6 months tightness, meaning the protection system is always cracked, and what is used as protection? Tor-wax or grease. Imagine a system that can be applied in minutes, then every 6 months, the coating is peeled off, maintenance carried out, then a quick and easy application, keeping the nuts and bolts pristine.

Handrails and guardrails: have become one of our biggest lines of protection over the past few years, due to the simplicity of application and the value for money, protection of aging handrails and guardrails is growing and growing. We concentrate most of work within the water industry, particularly within H2S environments, where the level of corrosion is exacerbated by the corrosive environment.