Robust, Removable Comprehensive Corrosion protection system for bolted joints, pipes, flanges and substrates.

What is ZCD?

ZCD is a complete asset protection coating system, specifically engineered to provide corrosion defense and life extension to bolted joints, complex shaped components and large structure within ATEX / Ex environments.

The system provides long term protection and maintains the integrity of the complex shaped parts of your assets that are generally left to corrode, or are situated in an area where abrasive blasting would present an issue.

The ZCD ethos follows a simple remit:

  • Is easy to apply to assets that are in situ,
  • Does not require heavy surface prep prior to application,
  • Is suitable for ATEX 1 zones,
  • Can be used in and around drinking water,
  • Is completely inert and non-flammable when cured,
  • Has a working temperature >100Deg C,
  • Can be applied by you or your FM contractor,
  • Is completely cost effective.
  • Can be removed easily, with no fuss and no residue

Designed to solve a specific problem

The problem for every onshore or offshore oil and gas, water, chemical, power gas tranfer company, throughout the world, is the fact that, with the utilisation of metal pipework for gas fluid transfer lines, expensive and vital assets ARE going to corrode, therefore, upkeep and maintenance of the lines is essential.

This becomes a challenging task, especially when corrosion has taken hold, as the surface preparation requirement for tradition “paints” is an generally an ISO prepared / blasted surface, which, as we all know is both costly and a massive headache to arrange.

Whenever paint is “cracked” for access on a joint, or paint delaminates from a line, corrosion IS GOING to occur, and, the majority of times bolted joints are left to corrode, rot and eventually fuse or break, completely, making access a serious issue.

This is precisely why ZCD created a full suite anti-corrosion system, Z-FP can be applied to pipeline, x-mas tress, wellheads GIS/SG6 flanges without blasting, without expensive machinery and, by your chosen FM contractor.

Engineers undertake some work, they would simply peel off the Zerosion, conduct their work, then recoat when they are finished, ensuring that, in 10 years time, when further works are required, they have a clean, uncorroded nuts and bolts.

How it works and what makes it different:

  • Z-FP is a cold applied, air curing rubberised coating system that actively cuts off electrolytic ingress to the substrate when applied.
  • It is directly applied to bolted joints and complex shapes, and actively shrinks as it cures, pushing any oxygen away from the substrate and removing any corrosion paths
  • The inbuild corrosion inhibitor reacts under the coating, effectively neutralising any established oxidation.
  • The coating system is designed to be removable and is designed to be applied to bolted joints that require access at some point in the future.
  • Z-FP acts instantly, and will preserve the integrity of your bolted assets for 10 years.
  • Z-FP REMOVES the requirement for abrasive blasting of the substrate and is designed to be applied over lightly prepared surfaces, providing long term protection to your bolted joints.
  • A simple coating of Z-FP activly prevents corrosion.

ZCD is a system, made of individual elements, depending on the situation / requirement, parts of the system are:

  • Z-OE: is the Oxide Eliminator, surface preparation fluid, this Ph6.5 fluid is designed remove and neutralise oxidation, and, remove the conversion process.
  • Z-AP: is the Adhesive Primer, this makes the Z-FP stick to the surface and makes the coating permanent, this is used for pipelines or areas that will not need access in the future. The adhesive primer makes Z-FP stick 500 times than standard.
  • Z-FP: is the “coating”, Zerosion Flange Protection, that protects the substrate from electrolytic ingress and future corrosion, the system contains an environmentally friendly Corrosion Inhibitor that protect the system for the future.
  • Z-VP: is our own flange Void Protection system, this liquid is sprayed into the flange void, to ensure any oxygen or electrolyte is eliminated prior to encapsulation
  • Z-ER: is a foul weather coating system, designed to be applied in the rain (well, we do live in the UK) and on wet substrates and is perfect for coating pipe sections or trestles.
  • PRK is the Zerosion Pipe Repair Kit. This system is designed to repair leaking gaseous and pressure susceptible fluid. Specifically designed for SF6 stemming, the system works equally well on all leaks.

All available to you directly to you or your fabric maintenance supplier. We can provide training documentation and/or onsite training if required, to enable you to remove corrosion and protect your asset as economically as possible.

Anti-corrosion and Corrosion protection ISNT about covering and forgetting established corrosion, it’s about understanding corrosion, arresting and removing corrosion, THEN protect against it.

Do you have any questions?

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